Our Guarantee

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Quality Craftsmanship

At Nordic Temperature Control, we are confident in the quality of our craftsmanship and 100% committed to the satisfaction of our customers. With this commitment to the highest quality standards, we certify and guarantee the installation we have completed to be free of defects and warrantied for the life of your new system.

This lifetime craftsmanship guarantee protects the following aspects of our installation:

  • All ducting materials, connectors, and boots.
  • All refrigeration lines.
  • All equipment pads, stands, and vibration devices.
  • All sheet metal straps, clamps, fasteners, and hangers.
  • All condensation lines, hangers, and fittings.
  • All low voltage electrical wiring and connectors.

Nordic Temperature Control provides this Lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee for the life of your system!

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty offered by Nordic Temperature Control


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