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Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

There’s nothing more important for your family’s health and well-being than the quality of the air you breathe. Between dust, pollen, and smoke, the regions overall air quality can sometimes present challenges for sensitive lungs and older or very young residents in particular.

That’s where the award-winning experts of Nordic Temperature Control come in. We’re a family-owned business that offers industry-leading products and services. Our friendly staff can guide you to the solution that’s just right for you, and our technicians provide hassle-free installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair. Put us to work for you today and experience the Nordic Temperature Control difference!

What Indoor Air Quality Products Do

Products that ensure indoor air quality generally work together with your home comfort system. They’re positioned at the openings of your home’s duct system so they can do their work with maximum efficiency as air circulates.

Coleman Indoor Air Quality | Nordic Temperature ControlThese products come in many types:

  • Air Duct Cleaning clears out dust and build-up from your home’s duct system, a crucial step in maintaining optimum air quality.
  • Air Purification and Filtration Systems scrub particles and pollutants, resulting in cleaner air.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators are designed to circulate fresh air through airtight home design, providing fresh air and allowing the house to “breathe” without compromising on energy efficiency.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers manage the levels of moisture in the air, correcting humidity that’s too high or too low.
  • UV Filtration specializes in the use of ultraviolet radiation to kill germs and other biological contaminants.

Nordic Temperature Control brings over 50 years of combined experience in installing and maintaining air quality products for Skagit Valley homes. Contact Us today and we’ll be happy to deliver the perfect solution for your home and family.

As a client of Nordic Temperature Control, rest assure that our key partnerships with HVAC industry leaders allow us to continually design and deliver high performing, cutting-edge heating and cooling systems. Schedule your consultation today.

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